House Of Ignotus

Nominated for “Best Audio in Sea Game Awards 2019″.

A horror themed puzzle solving game with a heavy emphasis on psychological horror. Play as a quantum physics research assistant in search of his missing professor and solve puzzles to escape the mansion.

Made for Sea Game Awards 2019. || Theme : Unknown Horror. More details and playable prototype here : House Of Ignotus


Engine : Unreal Engine || Primary Role : Audio and Gameplay Programmer


Stuff I Did For the Remastered Edition

Convulation Reverb

Added specific reverb data set for specific room such as dining hall, kitchen, living room and many more. I’m using IR Waves to get the best set of value for each room so that each room will be having a better value. After that just send the it to specific bus so that each will have the best value of reverb for their own room.


Bank Optimization

Optimization for banks for better ways how events or asset being reroute. This is improved better than previous version in which because of the reroute was wrong, some of the audio volume sounds weird or taking a lot of memory while playing the game. With this method of reroute for the banks, less memory is used for the audio.


Better Asset

Sound crafting for previous asset on making it better, with better sounds, and how it being played inside the game. So that it produce better gameplay towards the game. Also this game is nominated as the “Best Audio in Sea Game Awards 2019”. It’s quite a surprise for as it’s just a student game project.