Magickard Of Discaurd

The player plays a hooded figure who is trying the survive the hordes of skeletons that are on the hunt for the hooded figure. The player is in possession of a magic book that belongs to a necromancer. However, in the attempt to return to the magic book to its owner, the necromancer suspects that the hooded figure had ill intents to steal the book and thus, unleashing hordes of skeletons to kill the hooded figure. Now, the player has to utilize the pouch of magic cards to defeat the skeletons and escape the dungeon to rethink his strategy of returning the book.

Made for Game Project Studio 2 (GPS 2) || Theme : Card Game, Magic, Turn-based Combat, 3D

Stuff I Did

As I was tasked to fix the FPS and loading of the game. Optimization was the only way to do it. Some function made by my teammate is not that efficient enough. By using the same logic, I used game programming pattern to solve most of the codes to be optimized inside the game.

The game always goes back to the level layout then went to the scene of chosen. By using DontDestroyOnLoad with Singleton other developers can use it to go and access which is the specific level it should be for the player to play. 

Similar to the previous project on “Trapped”, the Audio Manager uses the same function except additional of the code is that, there’s variable of which to use to separate between the BGM and SFX.

This game is a mobile game, so a lot of managers is been handled by the game itselfs. I used a Singleton to control the other Game Manager so that it will do as it is programmed and won’t break the FPS.

Some of the animation and VFX was done by using shader inside Unity itself. I used a tutorial in the internet and by using that tutorial I can improved more on the VFX to make better VFX.